Getting the Word Out at HUU

Print this document in pdf format. Getting the Word Out at HUU

There are various ways to communicate information about your event/activity that may be of interest to the HUU Community. They are listed below:

HUU Weekly E-News our weekly email

  • Send information about HUU and community events to by 10am Tuesday of each week’s E-news.
  • List ‘for e-News’ in the subject line. 
  • If you are referring to something that’s publicized elsewhere on the Internet, just send in a brief announcement and a link. Keep your news item short and easy to skim.

HUU-announcements Mailing List

To send HUU announcements, first subscribe to HUU announcements. This is a good way to get into the loop of HUU news. See the Mailing Lists link and follow the instructions. Or email Pat Geary.

Deadline is at your convenience.

Website or Community Cafe

Send information to Pat Geary for inclusion on the Web site. Look the site over first so you can suggest where it fits; or let Pat find it a home. You can put a detailed description on the Web site and link to it in the eNews and your e-announcement.  Tell Pat when to take your news item down.

Sunday order of service program

  • Send a short announcement to by 4pm Wednesday of the week you want the announcement to be listed.
  • List ‘for Bulletin’ in the subject line.    

Flyers to distribute at church.

For some purposes you may want to print up and distribute a flyer as people arrive at church or during coffee hour. To save paper, try printing two or four to a page. 


HUU has a Facebook page you can also post to. You will need a Facebook account before you can post to the page.


Clipboards are a good way to collect sign-ups for activities. They may languish unless you promote them. We’re still experimenting with the best way to do this. Circulating through coffee hour with your clipboard is one good way; we’ll think of others. The clipboards are located on the tables along the left hand back wall as you enter the building. Clipboards are no longer circulated during the service.

Sunday Morning Spoken Announcements

Each Sunday morning as part of our Sunday service, folks are given an opportunity to make an announcement of "church related" activities and/or events. The keyword is church related.

The best spoken announcement is short because:

  •  Many people are distracted as they settle in.
  • Noise levels are still pretty high. Some can’t hear you.
  •  People aren’t prepared to write down the details of what you announce.
  •  And others are trying to settle in to the mood of the service.

Short announcements work best to reinforce information you have communicated in other ways. Please announce HUU activities only, except under extraordinary circumstances.

Print this document in pdf format. Getting the Word Out at HUU