Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Complete instructions for obtaining a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader™:

  1. Go to the Adobe web site at Follow the directions on their web site to download the appropriate version of Acrobat Reader™ for your computer. Be sure to note where the downloaded file will be stored (you will need to find the file for step 2 below). We recommend downloading a file to your desktop because then it is easy to find, but you can put it anywhere on your computer. If you're using Netscape's Smart Download™ feature, you should use the default download location.

    The download time will depend on your Internet connection speed.

  2. After you have downloaded the file, you need to install it by double-clicking on the downloaded file. Netscape's Smart Download™ will begin this process automatically if you are using this feature. The installation is mostly automatic, but you may need to press "Enter" or click "Next" a couple of times. Just follow the directions on your screen.

  3. After a successful installation, you can delete the original downloaded file if you'd like.

Once Reader is installed, you'll be able to read any .pdf documents on this and other web sites, such as newsletters, government publications, or tax forms.