Volunteer and Stewardship Opportunities at HUU

"To volunteer is to make a freewill offering—the Latin root meaning “to wish” or “to will.” “To volunteer” is to make a contribution based on the perception of a need and a degree of affection toward that need. If motivated, one makes a freewill offering of time, money, or both. Perhaps 'volunteer is not quite the right word' Perhaps the word should be “steward.” Rather than “You request, I comply” (or not), let’s move the relationship from the “you/me/consumer” context and place it in the context of spiritual journey in covenant. A steward (from Old English) is “keeper of the hall,” one whose responsibility is “to perceive, to watch out for.” Covenant, a mindful promise between all congregational members and staff, describes the practical means and the experience of living with others in faith community. Stewards have innate talents, life experiences, and skills. What do we as members bring to the task of “perceiving, of watching out for” the welfare of the whole community? We ask what one can offer to the community from one’s gifts and not solely to fill a job slot in the congregation’s activities. from Jerry Garfield, Alban Institute ..

Some stewardship opportunities are task-oriented, one-time. Others are ask for a weekly or monthly commitment. Some are for special projects with a specified goal. All of these opportunities are important for the welfare of the whole community.

Volunteer Activities

Here are just a few of our volunteer activities.

Summer Childcare: This involves spending a Sunday session with the children in the CRE building during the months of June and July.

Committee Membership - Join one of our committees or at least visit a meeting and see what you think.

Pulpit Flowers - You can help to provide flowers for our services.  Flower arrangements may be given in memory of someone, or as celebration tokens or just because.

Greeters - this involves standing at the front entrance, welcoming, members, friends and visitors who are attending our service. The greeter also distributes the order fo service and encourages guests to sign the guestbook.

Fellowship time after Service -  this involves providing and serving refreshments after service and cleaning up afterwards. Please contact the Office if you are willing to help with providing refreshments.

Yard Sale - this involves helping at one of our yard sales by helping with sorting, marking, selling and cleanup

Sunday Services - this involves providing all or part of a  Sunday service or acting as a facilitator for a service.