Annual Congregational Meeting - 2017

Dear HUU Members:

The 2017 Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, May 21, following the morning service.  All members are invited to join in discussion and voting on three important issues: 
1.  The Board will be asking for a "vote of confidence" to proceed with the Consultative Minister Proposal.  While the Consultative Minister position would not begin until the next budget year (2018-19), there are a number of preparatory steps that will need to occur later this year and into early 2018: development of a job description, formation of a search/selection committee, review of budget constraints, consideration of recruitment options, etc.  A vote to hire for this position would NOT occur until the May 2018 Annual Meeting.  More information on this proposal can be found at the following link: (Consultative Minister Proposal)
2.  Approval of the 2017-18 Annual Budget (HUU's budget year runs July 1 to June 30).  You will find the proposed budget at the following link: (Proposed 2017-18 budget)
3.  Selection of new Board Members for 2017-18.   Below is the slate of nominees submitted by our Nominating Committee, Les Grady and Linda Dove:  
    Proposed Slate of Nominees to fill vacant Board positions:

  • Treasurer: Rich Sider
  • 2-year Board term: Shirley Vasy
  • 2-year Board term: David Lane
  • 3-year Board term: Nancy Barbour
  • 3-year Board term: Richard Foust

    Please review the Board nominations, proposed 2017-18 budget, and Consultative Minister Proposal prior to the Annual Meeting on May 21.  If you have any questions, please direct them to any of the current Board members (Grayson Sless, Rich Sider, Shirley Vasy, Richard Wolf, Jennifer Perry, and Rebecca Harris).
    Grayson Sless
    HUU Board Moderator