HUU Caring Circle

The HUU Church Community is a caring one. It is all of us - men and women. Together we form a network of members who reach out to one another in times of need.

Mission Statement

The Caring Circle of the Harrisonburg Unitarian Universalists is an expression of our commitment of love and care for our church community. We do this by ongoing expressions of support and coordinating assistance for members in times of special need, crises or transition.  Congregation needs and issues of concern can be identified during joys and concerns or by directly contacting a caring circle member.

The Circle will provide ongoing expressions of love, support and concern to community members. They will also endeavor to respond to the special needs of members by offering direct assistance or referring to appropriate resources in the larger community.

How To Reach the Caring Circle

The Caring Circle may be contacted by sending an email to or you may use the Contact form to reach the Caring Circle.  Barbara Moore is the contact person for the Caring Circle.

In the event you are requesting care for a friend, please make sure that you have their permission to make that request.

Lotsa Helping Hands

We are initiating a HUU community on a care-giving organization website called Lotsa Helping Hands.  If you would like to join, go to  

(You can also find our community by listing our name HUU and/or the zip code:  22801 on the Lotsa Helping Hands website)

You will be asked to provide your name and email address and to create a password.  Check the box that you have read the terms and conditions, and then press the submit tab.  An administrator will send you an email saying you have been approved.  CLICK on the word “HUU” in that email to return to the website to ACTIVATE you as a member.  Then, you will be able to view the calendar which lists care-giving needs.  When your schedule allows, be a volunteer.