Harrisonburg Unitarian Universalists located in Harrisonburg Virginia

A Religious Community Serving Each Person's Spiritual Journey - One Journey, Many Paths

Sunday Mornings at HUU

ADULT RELIGIOUS EDUCATION HUU’s CONSCIOUS LIVING ADULTS SESSION IS CANCELLED FOR THIS SUNDAY FEBRUARY 14 AT 9 A.M. Robin McNallie, the facilitator for this session, has graciously agreed to postpone his discussion for a later date. We have made this decision because of the extremely cold temperatures predicted overnight on Saturday. Stay tuned for a notice about the future program.

Sunday Morning Service: 10:30-11:30AM
Children & Youth RE
:  10:30-11:30AM

February 14 10:30-11:30AM - Rev. Kate Lehman will present "Expanding Our Second Principle."

We are a lay-led religious community offering a unique spiritual and moral witness in the Shenandoah Valley.

We meet each Sunday in the historic Dale Enterprise School House. We remind ourselves that the three key tasks of this religious community are:

  • sense-making, helping each other to find the truths in our lives and in the world;
  • care-giving, helping each other through the hard times and celebrating the good times;
  • justice-seeking, trying to leave this community and the world a better place for us having been here.

We invite all who search for truth and meaning with open hearts and open minds to join us in worship, in mutual support, and in shared ministry to each other and to the world.

Whatever the faiths you have known, or the flags of your heritage — You are welcome here. Whoever you are, and whomever you love — You are welcome here. And — whether you ran in here today on little feet, Or walked in briskly, Or ambled in, Or rolled in, You are welcome here.

HUU serves Harrisonburg and the surrounding communities in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

  • Are you looking for a religious community in which to seek spiritual growth?
  • Are you eager to consider religious questions with others who are not always certain they have all the answers, but who are determined to keep searching for them?
  • Would you like the fellowship of others for worship, discussion and education, friendship and mutual support?
  • Are you seeking a church where the freedom of the pulpit and the freedom of the pew are equally respected? Do you desire an opportunity for women and men, regardless of race, color, religion of origin, sexual orientation or political affiliations, to come together and be more concerned with the love of people than the love of things?
  • Do you want children to be helped to develop their spiritual curiosity, compassion and critical thinking.
  • Do you wish to preserve and extend the traditions of democracy, freedom of conscience and human dignity?

You should get to know us! Stop by the Old Dale Enterprise Schoolhouse (pictured on the right) any Sunday morning. Our service begins promptly at 10:30AM and lasts about an hour. On Sunday mornings we hear from the congregation, visiting ministers in a monthly rotation, and other invited guests. The diverse gifts or our members and friends make each week a different experience.

Children's Religious Education - Sunday School

We offer a Children's Religious Education program from September until May. Childcare is available all year for children 2 years and younger. Older children will be in the RE Building and/or outside with supervision.

Adult Religious Education

The Adult Religious Education program is now named the Conscious Living Adults (CLA) program to reflect our shared ministry as adults supporting each other in living ever more consciously in the UU way. Apart from our first meeting on September 27th., all other sessions will be on the 2nd. and 3rd. Sunday of each month October to April. Mark your calendars and click here for details.

After the Service

We welcome all visitors and friends to join us after the service for coffee and refreshments in our Community Café where you can learn more about who we are and how you might be involved in our Unitarian Universalist community. The group above pictured in front of our building was taken during our Building Rededication on our tenth anniversary.